Healthy Super Foods

A fully functional immune system is one of the most vital aspects of a healthy body, helping to prevent and combat disease. However for many people, the immune system does not function as effectively as it should. We can eat foods to help boost our immune system and help protect ourselves against a host of ailments.

The Super Foods for your Body application is a guide to the immune boosting properties of the foods we eat. It is simple to use and gives detailing information about both common foods and common ailments. It contains advice on how to protect yourself from ailments through good nutrition, detailing which foods will help prevent and treat these ailments, giving also recipes for these foods and the benefits of these foods.

The food A-Z screen contains a list of common foods that you can drill down to view more information about the food, giving health benefits, vitamins and recipes.

The ailment A-Z screen contains a list of common ailments that you can drill down to view more information about the ailment, prevention and recipes.

The recipe screen allows you to either shake or swipe the iphone to get a recipe and then shake or swipe again to move to the next one. You can limit this search to a specific type i.e. breakfast, main, starter, dessert, juice or a chosen ingredient.

Once the generated recipe appears you can either add the recipe to your favorite list or read more details about the recipe by navigating to the detail screen. The detail screen shows the full ingredients and recipe instructions.

The Favorites screen shows a list of recipes that you have added as your favorites. You can remove items from your favorites and also email your list of favorites by clicking on the email button.

Note: This app is for information purposes only and should not be used to replace medical advice from a physician. Always seek help and advice from a qualified health professional.