Garden Planner

Whether you have a massive garden plot, or just a few planters, growing produce is very satisfying as well as healthy.

We have created the most complete gardening application in the app store, it will accommodate the enthusiastic gardener looking to grow their own produce or the novice gardener just starting out. It is a feature packed app that helps you track whats in your garden, keep notes along side each item in your garden with accompanying photos and even lets you search a photo filled encyclopedia of hundreds of plant growing guides. We've also included the ability to buy produce for your garden at the most competitive prices.

The application has the following features:

an extensive range of growing guides for vegetables, fruit and herbs, giving detailed information on soil preparation, growing tips, harvesting and best varietiesto ensure you have a bumper harvest we have included a list of common problems that affect produce, giving information on how to spot the bugs when they arise and also how to treat thembuy produce from within the app at the most competitive pricesability to add produce to a favorites list, which is split into veg, fruit and herb categoriestrack whats in your garden by adding produce that you are growing and then save specific details about the produce, such as variety grown, amount of produce harvest, whether its been a success and date plantedability to add multiple notes to each produce in your garden with an accompanying photograph, like a mini journalto do list you can add 'to do' tasks, so next time you go to the garden centre you won't be racking your brains trying to remember what you came for!lots of tips on growing produce, with more added all the time with each updatemonth by month guides on what should be done in the garden each monthsimple to use and fast

NEW features coming soon:

We'll be updating our app soon to have a plot planner and also adding plants and flowers to our app. If there is an addition you would like adding, then please email us and we'll see what we can do.

NOTE: The sowing and harvesting times given on the vegetable schedule chart are specific to the UK & Ireland climate