Detox Juice Recipes

The Detox Juice Recipes application is an application that contains a variety of fruit and vegetable juice recipes that can be used either as part of a detox diet or just to give you recipes for healthy juices. It is simple to use and gives detailing information about each recipe. You can search either via juice type – either fruit or vegetable or you can search via ingredients.


The principle of a detox diet is to heal the body through cleansing. The body has its own set of detoxifying organs which aim to eliminate toxins that are ingested daily. A detox diet aims to aid and enhance these organs and natural processes. Many detox diets ask you to fast from food and have a liquid based diet of juices. This application provides you with recipes of many juices that can be used as part of a detox diet.

Everyone wants optimal health and mental clarity and a detox diet can help you to spring clean your body and boost energy levels. A detox diet will also help you to:

Lose weight Lose inches and reduce bloating Change your shape Feel healthier and have more energy Improve bowel habits Improve the appearance of your skin