Detox Diets & Recipes

The principle of a detox diet is to heal the body through cleansing. The body has its own set of detoxifying organs which aim to eliminate toxins that are ingested daily. A detox diet aims to aid and enhance these organs and natural processes.

Everyone wants optimal health and mental clarity and a detox diet can help you to spring clean your body and boost energy levels. A detox diet will also help you to

Lose weightLose inches and reduce bloatingChange your shapeFeel healthier and have more energyImprove bowel habitsImprove the appearance of your skin

Are you suffering from a toxin overload? Answer the following questions – the more you answer yes to, the more toxin you are likely to be and the more you will benefit from a detox diet.

Are you constantly tiredIs your skin spotty or dullAre you constipatedDo you have dark circles under your eyesAre you eyes and hair dullDo you suffer from headachesDo you have aches and pains in your jointsDo you suffer from high levels of catarrh and sinus problemsDo you suffer from night sweatsDo you suffer from flatulenceDo you suffer from bloatingDo you have celluliteDo you have problems sleepingDo you suffer from constant mood changesDo you suffer from skin rashesDo you suffer from stress

The Detox Diet application is an application that contains 3 detox diets, a one day mono diet, a weekend diet and a 7 day diet. It is simple to use and gives detailing information about each diet. It explains what should be done before, during and after each of the diets. It also has a recipes section containing 18 detoxing recipes split down into recipe types of vegetable juices, fruit juices, soups, salads and mains.

Note: This app provides detox diets to essentially cleanse the body, however weight loss should occur as a bi-product of this.