Build Muscle

The Build Muscle application is a fitness application, which will help anyone wishing to build muscle / strength and tone up.


Information on how to build muscle and why so many people fail, giving plenty of tips.3 and 4 day training plans to help you build muscle and tone up.Detailed meal plan of what to eat at each meal if you wish to build muscle.Detailed information of each exercise listed in this application, giving both a detailed description and a picture.Log the weights lifted per exercise and also the reps obtained daily. View your weight lifting progress on a handy graph, either displaying 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 months worth of data.4 detailed food sections: Sustained Energy, Training Fuel, Instant Recovery and Muscle Building. Giving details of what foods are best to achieve each of these goals and information on each food listed. Units can be either SI, US or UK

More routines shortly.